Church Recording at St Anne’s, Shandon, Cork

Thanks to the efforts of the Volunteering Coordinator and the President, and with financial Assistance from the Cork City Heritage Fund, volunteers from among CorkDFAS’s members are now in the third year of a church recording project with St Anne’s, Shandon, Cork.

Confirmation for the dates for Church Recording sessions in St. Anne’s Shandon for 2019.
30 March,
27 April
25 May
22 June
20 July
24 August (Heritage Week)
21 September
26 October
All sessions are Saturdays and will start at 11 a.m. until about 1 p.m.
The Church Recording Project is an innovative project being undertaken by members of CorkDFAS. If you are interested in joining the group working on this Project, or would just like more information before making a decision, please get in touch with Tom Spalding, our Volunteering Officer. He would be delighted to hear from you. Or contact the Society at
He can be contacted by email or by mobile 087 2740052
Tom states: “I imagine that, with a concerted effort, we should be able to get this part of the project completed this year which would be a great milestone. You are not expected to come to all of the sessions, but it is nice to have 4 or more people there to share thoughts and produce a good atmosphere. I shall send reminders a week or so in advance to anyone who expresses an interest in joining in.”


Saturday, 28th May 2016: First training session of church recording at St Anne’s, Shandon: meeting at St Anne’s at 11.00 a.m.

Church recording first training session 1Church recording first training session 3

The project is for volunteers from the Society’s members to record in proper fashion the contents contained within, or attached to, and also the structure of the building, so as to arrive at a completely detailed record of the church at a certain time, the first time such church recording has been done in the Republic.

It is hoped that the finished work will be published in hard copy and digitally, and stored with the ecclesiastical authorities, the Public Museum, City & County Archives, and City Library, each in an appropriate form.

Voluntary assistance has been forthcoming from the Chief Archivist, Brian McGee, and Dan Breen, Assistant Curator at the Public Museum, who have provided training where required in inputting into AdLib Museum, and other software matters.

CorkDFAS members enjoying tea at the Maldron Hotel after investigating St Anne's
CorkDFAS members enjoying tea at the Maldron Hotel after investigating St Anne’s
CorkDFAS members inside St Anne's, Shandon
CorkDFAS members inside St Anne’s, Shandon