Saturday, 13th November 2021 

Sarah McAuliffe *

WITH a live audience

Covid Certificates to be shown as a precondition of entry to the Conference Hall


Julia Margaret Cameron, After the Manner of Perugino (Mary Ryan), c.1865, National Gallery of Ireland





















 This Talk will explore the representation of Irish people through the medium of photography from the 19th century to present day with the aim of foregrounding the various techniques applied by artists in producing such representations and examining the ever-evolving relationship between sitter and maker. Artworks by both Irish and international photographers will be examined in this Talk in an effort to gauge differences and similarities in approaches to photographing Irish people by those who are natives of the island of Ireland and other who were visiting on the country on assignment or for personal reasons. The photograph as object will be discussed in relation to its function as a record of Irish social history and the many cultural shifts that have occurred in Ireland between 1841 and 2021. There will be something for everyone in this Talk as Sarah investigates the practices of both historic and contemporary artists, from Julia Margaret Cameron and Michael Packenham Edgeworth to Alen MacWeeney and Eamonn Doyle.





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