The Officers of the Society

Honorary President
with responsibility for strategic financing & development Anthony Wade

The Committee:

Chairman Brendan Doyle
Vice-Chairman Eithne Spicer
Secretary  Denise Barnett
Membership Secretary  Pamela Wade
Programme Secretary  Laraine O'Connell
Treasurer  Pamela Wade
Publicity Secretary  Vincent Kelly
Volunteering Secretary  Tom Spalding
Excursions/Events Secretary  David Ryan

Anthony Wade
Honorary President
Brendan Doyle
Eithne Spicer
Vice Chairman
Denise Barnett
Pam Wade
Membership Secretary
Laraine O'Connell
Programme Secretary
Pam Wade
Vincent Kelly
Publicity Secretary
Tom Spalding
Volunteering Secretary
David Ryan
Events/Excursions Secretary


Webmaster & Digital Media Manager Anthony Wade