Wednesday, 3rd October

CorkDFAS lecture

Rembrandt: Bohemian or Businessman, Romantic or Rebel?

by Jane Choy

lecturer on 17th Century Dutch Art for the Mauritshuis, Prince William V Gallery and Huygens Museum Hofwjck, The Netherlands

at the Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street, Cork City Centre

reception at 7 p.m., lecture begins at 7:45 p.m. All welcome, non-members €15, students €5.


Rembrandt is considered by many to be Holland’s greatest artist and the equal of Mozart, Shakespeare and Michelangelo.  Unlike van Gogh, the other great Dutch artist, Rembrandt has not left much written material explaining his views on art, but what he has left is a unique visual autobiography in his self-portraits which he did from the age of 20 to 63, the year of his death. This lecture will use the self-portraits as a thread through his life and with his other masterpieces explore the man and what, why, and how he painted. Was he indeed a businessman or bohemian, rebel or romantic?



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